Hadiza Bala Usman Suspension : Matters Arising.

… Yusuf Dakofa reacts.

Emerging facts have revealed that, following complaints and series of queries against the embattled Managing Director of the Nigerian Ports Authority, HADIZA Bala Usman, through the Honourable Minister of Transportation, Mr President ordered for her suspension from office and immediately announced a replacement in acting capacity.

Accordingly, a panel of enquiry has been established where a Director of NPA and Deputy Director Legal are to serve as member and secretary respectively.

Other members are to be appointed by the same Minister that complained against her. This stands as a breach of fair hearing under the fundament human rights provisions of the CFRN 1999(as amended).

However, a prominent human rights rights activist, Yusuf Dankofa has however, come down hard on the Transport Minister, saying you cannot be the accuser and judge.

“You cannot be the accuser and also the judge at the same time and expect me to clap for you”.

“My activism is fairness, equity and justice for all no matter the creed, affiliation or origin”.

“I do not succumb and will not succumb to sentiments but to the rule of law”.

“The Minister of Justice should be the proper person to establish the fact finding committee so that it will not be tainted with bias. I know APC does not like to follow the rule of law. They detest it with all their might because they know that with rule of law, you cannot punish the innocent. It is therefore, our duty to let them know that there is presumption of innocence and that procedure to establish guilt has been provided by law and nor the instinct or passion of the Minister”.

“Allow independent people take charge of the proceedings or else the entire proceedings might be seen as window dressing, a cover up to validate a pre-determined position. 

“In all matters affecting humanity, I stand by the principles laid down by law known as the rule of law as opposed to the rule of man”, Dankofa stated

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