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I’ll make Tinubu special envoy, Peter Obi trade minister if elected President – Accord presidential candidate

Accord Party’s presidential candidate Christopher Imumolen says he would adopt the principle of all-inclusiveness in selecting his cabinet if he becomes the country’s president in next month’s general elections.

He said the task of rebuilding a nation like Nigeria, battered by years of poor leadership and corruption, needed the input of all Nigerians, including those of his co-contestant like Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Peter Obi.

In his attempt to build an economically sound country where every Nigerian would feel loved and wanted, he says he would solicit the help of the best brains in whatever fields of human endeavour to contribute their quota.

For his adeptness and aptitude as a businessman of no mean standing, he will be appointing Peter Obi, the current Labour Party presidential candidate as minister of trade and commerce, while Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu will serve as Nigeria’s special envoy to the United Nations where he will coordinate, as well as help to enhance the coherence of the collective work of the UN on behalf of Nigeria in the West Africa sub-region as Tinubu’s wealth of experience in administration, mentoring and his understanding of Nigerian politics will stand him in good stead as the country’s representative in the UN on matters political, economic, and international.

Prof. Imumolen emerged as the presidential candidate of the Acord Party unopposed in June 2022, in Abuja. PULSE

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