Islamic cleric urges SOSG to intervene over increase in prices of food items, others

By Suleiman Adamu , Sokoto

A Sokoto based Islamic Cleric , Malam Dahiru Sokoto has called on the Sokoto state government to urgently intervene against the shy-lock activities of traders and business owners especially those selling food items and other sundry commodities in the state.

He enjoined muslim traders to have fear of God with steadfastness towards exhibiting kindness in their businesses for the benefit of humanity stressing that there were blessings and progress in any act of kindness to fellow human beings.

” It is sad and disturbing that things are worsening by the day with how cost of living is out of the control of ordinary citizen due to price increase on basic food items and others.

” Poor people are at the mercy of our traders and business owners. Some have resorted in begging while others with the money are not ready to assist those in dare need. “

Malam Sokoto who in a pre-Friday prayer sermon preaching at the Masallaci Na Uku Juma’at Mosque said the state government should check the excesses of traders under different associations who take advantage of the current predicament to increase prices of commodities at will.

According to him, God created human beings and the universe on the basis of trust and pity to worship Him and do good to one another.

” Is a pity that today , we are not symbolising the good ideals and the teachings of the religion especially our traders and business owners.

” We are in a serious situation of distrust, lack of pity and support for one another. Most of our traders and business owners are only after enriching themselves by creating difficulties to citizens through hoarding and profiteering activities”, he pointed out.

The Cleric reminded that failing to exhibit the spirit of pity for others can attract greater consequence from God, stressing that ” traders and the rich have every opportunity to reverse the negative attitude of not showing trust to God and pity to especially the needy. Remember that no matter how much you are rich or worth in riches , you are not leaving the world with a penny and between you and your creator lies your faith, deeds and how you acquired the wealth which you must account for in he hereafter”, he stated.

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