Kaduna PDP Crisis: Choose between Sen Makarfi/Hyet and Passionate members,my call to Wadata Plaza

….in an effort of righting the wrong is best described as “a double summersault and a twist”

Matters have come to a head with regard to the internal crises threatening to consume the PDP in Kaduna State. What has just played out in yet another efforts at righting the issues responsible for undermining the PDP is better described as ” A double Summersault and a twist ” nothing more nothing less.

It is common knowledge that in an attempt at sorting out the contentious issues afflicting the PDP in Kaduna State an 11 member CTC was inaugurated with a 90 day time frame to sort things out. Sadly extrenuous forces deliberately and on purpose because they are seeking a desired outcome stampeded the CTC which itself was factionalized into organizing a botched up Local Council Congress within just 2 days.

How the names of those individuals claimed by the CTC to have participated and got elected were compiled is stranger than fiction and a matter for the courts of the land to determine. There were many petitions which arose a sequel to the claimed Local Congress election. That the election was said to have held in the face of a competent court order duly served putting on hold the conduct of the election is the very height of impunity.

Another aspect of the summasult was activated when in spite of the existing court order, Wadata Plaza set up a Screening Committee to proceed with the screening of candidates who are on standby to contest for positions in the State Exco earlier scheduled to start tomorrow Saturday 12 September 2020. As passionate PDP members were struggling to come to terms with this development another howitzer round was fired from Wadata Plaza dissolving the 11 man CTC and reconstituting a 7 man CTC but retaining the Chairman and Secretary of the 11 member CTC.

What qualifies both the former Chairman and Secretary for retention is exclusive knowledge of Wadata Plaza. Every passionate member of PDP should smell many rats unless their sense of smell is not functioning well. If it is true that the new 7 member CTC has been given a 30 day time frame to get their assignment executed, unless they have been handed an already written script, I cannot see how they can perform the magic especially with an already tainted and compromised Chairman and Secretary.

Whatever may have informed the dissolution of the 11 member CTC should not have spared the Chairman and Secretary

It is now clearly evident that Wadata Plaza is using the crises in the Kaduna Chapter of PDP to play a game of poker. Wadata Plaza must know that the aces are held by the electorate of Kaduna Stste.

The leadership of the PDP in Wadata Plaza and out of there can continue to run rings round themselves because the crises in the party in Kaduna cannot be solved without key stakeholders in Kaduna. Every passionate member of PDP in Kaduna State now knows that Makarfi and the mole Mr Felix Hassan Hyet deeply planted in the party are responsible for the current standoff.

The forner PDP National CTC Chairman is over exploiting his privileged position to frustrate any effort at resolving the contentious issues in the party unless it is done his own way. This time around he is dead wrong because the people of Kaduna State have already rescued their party from the dictators.

Whenever the State Congresses will hold if they will hold at all our people will go out and vote since there is no consensus candidate. The period when results used to be forged inside a notorious guest house in the heart of Kaduna town is all but over.

Wadata Plaza has a choice to make between the passionate PDP members in Kaduna State and the now expiring dictatorship. To God Be The Glory.

Hamza Aliyu Kubau
A kaduna state PDP passionate member
Wrote this in Kaduna

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