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Media Commits To Better Coverage On Disability Issues

…As journalist seeks deeper understanding of reporting disability.

Ehis Agbon, Kaduna, Nigeria – June 1, 2024

Some Media Representatives At The Meeting

Concerned media organizations and the Organization of Persons with Disability (OPD) convened at the Nigerian Union of Journalist (NUJ) Secretariat in Kaduna to address the challenges and shortcomings in media coverage of issues affecting Persons With Disabilities (PWDs). The meeting aimed to foster a more inclusive and professional approach to reporting on PWD matters.

Mrs Riskat Mohammed, Executive Director of the Women With Disability Self Reliance Foundation a

The meeting was attended by Mrs Riskat Mohammed, the Executive Director of the Women With Disability Self Reliance Foundation and representatives from various media outlets.

Key Issues Discussed

Participants noted that the low coverage and improper handling of PWD issues in the media, has inadvertently contributed to stigma and discrimination rather than protection. The lack of adequate training for journalists on PWD topics and the failure to use appropriate language were identified as significant gaps.

Additionally, the meeting highlighted that some PWD projects and organizations have failed to thrive due to insufficient media engagement, resulting in a lack of public awareness and support.

Meeting Objective

The gathering was not intended to criticize but to identify existing gaps and propose collaborative solutions to improve media coverage of PWD issues. The ultimate goal is to enhance public perception, increase government recognition, and support better planning for PWDs.

Resolutions Reached

The participants resolved on the following:-

1. Training for Media Personnel: There is an urgent need for comprehensive training on PWD issues to equip journalists with the necessary knowledge for accurate and respectful reporting.

2. Adopting Appropriate Language: Media outlets should adopt and consistently use PWD-friendly language to prevent the perpetuation of stigma and discrimination.

3. Robust Media-OPD Partnership: Establishing a strong partnership between media organizations and OPDs to ensure ongoing engagement and collaboration.

4. Regular Information Sharing: Encouraging continuous exchange of information between media personnel and PWD representatives to keep the public informed about PWD issues and initiatives.

5. Frequent Reporting: Media outlets are urged to regularly cover PWD stories to maintain public interest and awareness.

The meeting concluded with a renewed commitment from both media organizations and PWD representatives to work together towards a more inclusive and informed society.

Group Photograph Of Participants:- Procyon Radio/Television, Truth Nigeria, Kabido, Africa Independent Television, The Explainer online, Radio Nigeria, News reservoir, News daily Nigeria, Leadership Newspaper, The Point News, Al-Amanah, and Muryar Yanci.


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