METUH: FFK Replies Ogundamisi

Femi Fani-Kayode

“Welfare check on FFK. With Olisah Metuh down, the wind is blowing closer home”- .

Kayode Ogundamisi

My leperous little brother, I assure you that I am well and that your evil expectation for me shall NEVER come to pass.

Your level of pettiness and malice borders on madness. You are sick in body, spirit and soul. You wanted me jailed before and you failed: this time shall be no different.

One thing I promise you is this: when your friends are no longer in power we will catch you, cage you and prosecute you for the northerners you butchered when you were in OPC. I guess you didn’t know that even northern lives matter!

Unlike you I am not a coward: I never jumped bail but stayed here, faced my accusers and proved my innocence. And this is the second time that I am doing it!

You ran away with your tail between your legs and blood on your hands and ever since then you have been working like a dog for those you once killed!

Please remember there is no statute of limitations on murder! When your master Buhari leaves power we will revisit your murder case and you will be arrested, put in chains, caged, prosecuted, convicted, HANGED by the neck and BURIED like a dog after which you will BURN in hell forever. You and your entire brood!

As for my friend and brother Olisa Metuh he will weather this storm. He is only one of many political prisoners that has suffered persecution in Nigeria for standing up to the tyrant and that has been convicted by a biased judge and a corrupt court.

I have no doubt that, like Chief Bode George, he will win on appeal, he will be vindicated, he will come out with flying colors, he will be fine and he will live long and prosper. Sadly yours will not be as happy an ending.

When justice catches up with you, you will be hanged from the neck until you die on the orders of a duly constituted court of law and I will be there to watch with a big smile on my face. It as at that time that your gloating will stop and mine will begin.

This shall surely come to pass. Shalom.

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