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Senators are enemies of democracy , not IG – Sagay

In his reaction , the Chairman ,
Presidential Advisory Committee
Against Corruption, Prof . Itse Sagay
(SAN ), lambasted the Senate for
describing the IG as an enemy of
democracy .
Sagay said rather , it was the Senate
that was anti- democratic as it had
suspended sitting on several
occasions for flimsy reasons like
going to a court in solidarity with a
colleague who is standing trial or
suspending plenary to visit another
colleague at a hospital .
The PACAC chairman said the IG had
done well by sending a DIG to
represent him and therefore
wondered why the Senate did not
even give the DIG the opportunity to
speak .
He said , “ Who is the real enemy of
democracy when a whole Senate
suspends sittings for a day , pack
themselves to either the court in
solidarity with a colleague who is
being tried for corruption or to a
hospital in solidarity with a colleague
who is on admission regardless of the
fact that they were elected to make
laws for the peace , order and good
governance of Nigerians .
“ You abandon your constitutional job
in order to crowd a court to
intimidate a judge , leaving yours
undone . So, who is anti- democratic ?
If the IG was invited and he couldn ’ t
come and he sent a DIG , then that is
a high- level representative.
“ Why can ’t they deal with that ? If
they feel he is not competent to
answer their questions after they had
given him the opportunity , the case
would have been different. However ,
they didn ’t give him a chance .
“ All they are concerned with is the
vanity of their position rather than
the substance of the work they ought
to do. I think they are totally
derailed . This Senate is the worst in
the history of Nigeria and I think
they are the ones that are anti –
democratic , not the IG.”



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