Introducing Kristocoin …The ultimate investment opportunity in Africa.

With great joy in my heart, I present to you the future of money and money of the future, #Kristocoin

Kristo coin is a unique crypto currency with great difference as we are unleashing several use cases with the latest Technology that will solve the existing problem facing Africa.

Kristo coin is a CRYPTO currency that will focus on the empowerment of women and youth from the third world counties most especially African countries, making them self-sufficient and assisting them to succeed, and helping them expand their business and trade through the introduction of e-commerce sales to their businesses and trades, loan, grant and advisory; therefore bringing their full potential to play in economic development.

Kristo coin will also be focused on assisting government of third world countries, most especially African countries to grow their ECONOMY through public and private partnership as well as government loan to aid nation development.

We are hereby launching kristo coin today and by this reason, we are giving out some coin that would be half the original listing price as launching bonaza(seed sales).
Only the first 400 persons would be given a chance to share about 80,000 kristo coin at $0.5 (250 Naira) per coin, instead of the listing price at $1(500 Naira) per coin. Also, after the exhaustion of the on going bonanza(seed sales) happening during the Kristo launch, users will now be able to buy at the website internal wallet, smart contract wallet and at the international exchange market which would be at a high rate more than $1 per coin.

Kristo Coin will be listed in two exchange and coin market cap. A week after the launching, bonaza sales would be over.

The least coin to buy per person is $100 (50,000 Naira).
Also, after the exhaustion of the on going bonanza(seed sales) happening during the Kristo launch,

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