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Atiku; the bridge across Nigeria

The Nigerian state no doubt is in the throes of a serious moral, ethnic and religious crisis. With politicians heating the polity always and making it look like we are in the jungle, one does not have any other option that to look for men of impeccable character and nationalistic outlook to take Nigeria out of the woods.
Without mincing word, the Nigerian state is in dire need of salvation as it stands today, yet the search keeps getting illusive. The emergence of Retired General Muhammadu Buhari as the President of Nigeria deepens the crisis rocking the entire country, given his utterances, body language and policies. Buhari being largely misunderstood, by a large portion of the country, it is obvious that Nigeria is in need of another president.
The question is who is the person who is most accepted across the country? The question on the lips of us all is that with these calls for disintegration, Biafra, middlebelt , Niger-Delta and all that, who will be able to do it? How can we calm all the frayed nerves?
As thes questions plague our minds, the answer is not far fetched, the person of Atiku Abubakar, Turaki Adamawa and former president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is tailor made for this arduous task of forging a new Nigeria.
Someone may jump at me for saying this. One of my reasons is that the man, Atiku has businesses across Nigeria, employing thousands from Lagos to Abuja to Sokoto, there is the signature of Atiku. Courtesy of his investments, a lot of people of all classes are employed in Nigeria. Now my argument is that such a man with such magnitude of investment would naturally want to put the country on its feet. In partnership with the Americans, Alhaji Atiku established a world class university in his home State of Adamawa, something very rare among Nigerian politicians who prefer to invest their money outside the country. Apart from capital flight, these investments outside the country enriches other countries’ economies at the expense of Nigeria. But Atiku’s patriotism would not let him do that. He prefers charity to begin at home.
The same Atik when he was vice president made sure his philantrophic acts cut across Nigeria. He remains one of the cleanest Nigerians so far. Every accusation flying over politicians have magically left the man untouched.
Atiku is the only man that has the ears of the Nigerian youths in present day Nigeria. His generosity knows neither tribe nor religion. A man once said to me in Abuja that if you meet Atiku and are able to speak to him, your problems are over.
The burning issue in Nigeria as of today is that of restructuring. The only man from northern Nigeria who has been able to take a holistic and nationalistic view of the matter and agreed we need restructuring is the man Atiku.
There is no better man to weld the shaky unity of Nigeria. A sampling of the opinions of Nigerians in the streets reflects the unpopular nature of the present crop of politicians with the exception of one man, Atiku Abubakar.
Without over flogging the issue, we must admit hat God sometimes makes some men for bearing burdens. Atiku seems to be the man for the burden of Nigeria.
Let us all support the man to take Nigeria back to the promised land.




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