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MAIRABOT: A Documentary Film About Artificial Intelligence As Panacea To Covid-19 By Olabode Moses

MAIRABOT: Documentary Film about Artificial Intelligence as Panacea to Covid-19 from Nigeria for Africa Direct Series on Aljazeera- Written and Pitched by Olabode Moses:

Our filmmaking team on location in Nigeria: Shola Research, Philip, Director ,Bose Oshin Producer, Olabode Moses Concept/Script/

Selected for:
Africa Direct  an exciting new documentary series for Al Jazeera English – African filmmakers, telling African stories – directly: 2021-2022!
A Nigerian made robot, protect patients, health workers and the public in a Covid 19 isolation center which offers a picturesque perspective into how African youths are (re)-innovating solutions to contemporary global challenges.
Summary of the Film:
MairaBot is a robot designed by some innovative Nigerian Students to protect health workers on the frontline of fighting Covid19 in Nigeria and elsewhere.

“Nigerian students built a machine they hope can one day help hospitals remotely treat Covid-19 patients. ‘Nabila’ one the inventors, tell the personal story of her life, journey and role in achieving such a scientific break through.

It is a story told through the lens of Nigerian youths demystifying global stereotypes and offering inspiration.It is time to retell the contemporary story of a generation, country and continent that is daily reinventing itself positively.

The documentary elucidate the power of resilience, courage, cutting edge innovation and scientific breakthrough by harnessing the power of Artificial intelligence and robotic technology to provide a panacea for millions of Covid-19 affected countries across the world.The inventors relate their own personal stories about how developing Mairabot has become a fulfillment of personal ambition as African youths determined to optimize artificial intelligence to address global challenges.

The story is about a typical day in the life of Mairabot in a covid19 isolation center in Nigeria.

The story will begin with daybreak as the inventors prepare Mairabot ,to checking up on the devices and how she moves around serving the patients, how she moves around the ward,how she interacts, shares banter with the patients and finally how she ends the day .

As the world grapple with the devastating impact of Covid-19,with millions of vaccine doses berthing in Africa, Nigeria may soon be exporting a home grown AI panacea to the pandemic.

In 2020 at the peak of the pandemic, students of Glisten school Nigeria, invented a robot to protect frontline health workers from Covid-19. The use of Artificial intelligence and robotic technology can provide a Panacea for millions Covid-19 affected countries across the world and if harnessed appropriately rake in over $1Billion annually for Nigeria.

Africa and indeed Nigeria is not a region for gory tales of poverty and disease it is a land of hope and innovation.

The  documentary elucidate the power of Resilience, courage and scientific breakthrough that the world can learn from.

It is the story of Mirabot, she walks, talks, serves, smiles yet she is a robot!

It presents cutting edge innovation that will provide inspiration about what African youths can do to address global challenges

Is this story important? Yes!
Artificial intelligence is currently ruling the world and robots will take over perhaps 70% of vocations and tasks handled by humans in another 45 years or less!

I am motivated to tell this story as it shifts narrative about negative stories from Africa to stories about innovation, technology and solutions.

Am motivated because it overtly shows agency from Africa to tackle a global pandemic and especially to add value to medical breakthrough.

Yes the story has been covered in Nigeria as a news insert but not explored as a character driven documentary film.That is the difference I set out to make with my film, to tell a human angle story of artificial intelligence indicating agency about African innovation as documentary film subject.
Mairabot will be meaningful because the story of ‘her’ life will be a game changer in the quest for disease prevention in order to save lives.
It will be accessible to global audiences through promotional initiatives and showcasing of the project.

Mairabot as a success story of Artificial Intelligence in addressing health challenges will be meaningful and accessible to global audience through showing as a film material that positively affect daily lives
The backdrop to the story is the global phenomenon of Covid-19 pandemic.

The issue or theme behind this story is the use of innovation and technology by African youths to prevent the spread of Covid 19 in Nigeria, Africa and elsewhere.

Essentially the story explores how AI is deployed by African youths to proffer solutions to a current challenge against the usual negative nuanced narratives and news about African youths commonly identified with drug abuse, violence, crime and other maladies.

Year 2020 heralded a new era in the history of the world with coming of Covid19. Health systems were stretched , the effort to seek cure and vaccine became urgent and also the importance of prevention became paramount especially for countries with ‘vulnerable’ health systems. Covid 19 made headlines with captions like “Africa’s vulnerable and weak health systems in the face of a global pandemic”, “ Africa , home to more than 300 million poor people” ,”Africa , a continent desperately grappling with violence, war and corrupt leaders”.
This documentary sets to present a ‘flip side’ alternative perspective to African stories.
MairaBot a Documentary Film Written and Pitched by Olabode Moses was selected, produced and broadcast on Aljazeera English under Africa Direct Series in April 2022.It is the story of non humanoid robot using Artificial intelligence to curb the scourge of Covid 19.It is time we promote positive flip side narrative about Nigeria!

Our filmmaking team on location in Nigeria: Shola Research, Philip, Director ,Bose Oshin Producer, Olabode Moses Concept/Script/
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