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The Plateau State Action Democratic Party (ADP) has condemned the speech of President Muhammadu Buhari and insist on “no to intimidation of dissenting voices” and opposition in Nigeria.This condemnation was made in Jos the Plateau State capital at the state secretariat of the ADP by the chairman,chief Amb Nanyah Andrew Daman (JP)recently in a media chat with Journalists.
Daman viewed the speech of the president and commander in chief as a coup like speech aimed at scaring the opposition into silence to further plunge the country into a dungeon of lack,want,suffering and hardships.
On the issue of the unity of Nigeria as a settled matter and non negotiable,the Plateau State ADP chairman said it could be the position of an APC President and not a Nigerian President as the President seems to be out of tune with the aspirations and yearnings of majority of Nigerians.Daman continued that,it is wrong for the president to foreclose restructuring as Middle Beltants are demanding for a Middle Belt Republic,the Icons are demanding for a Biafran Republic,the South South are demanding for Ijaw Republic,the Yorubas are demanding for an Oduduwa Republic,while the Hausas and the Fulanis are demanding for Arewa Republic of power would not be devolved and nepotism would be the order of the day.
The Plateau State ADP chairman frowned at the statement accredited to the Nigerian Army to monitor hate speeches related to security and described it as misplacement of priority since the Army is only responsible for the protection of the sovereignty of the nation not checking the manner and flow of information since there is the freedom of information act.The chairman said that the APC Government is not in a position to define what is hate or agitation speech as it might be an instrument to harass and intimidate the opposition.He continued that the APC has no moral standing to talk about hate speech since the president,his daughter and APC supporters are guilty of hate speeches daily,rode on the back of hate speeches to get to power in 2015,still sustaining it through the Arewa Youths groups without remorse and conviction.
Responding to the Daily Trust report referring to the Action Democratic Party (ADP) as Advanced Peoples Democratic Alliance (APDA) in the Daily Trust newspaper of Sunday August 20,2017,Vol.12 No.18 on pages 2,41& 42 titled”Ahead of 2019,new parties yet to establish presence in states” the Plateau State chairman of the ADP demanded for an apology and a retraction of the story that referred to him as the state chairman of the APDA rather than the ADP and the erroneous position that the ADP has no presence in Plateau State but it is the leading opposition in the state as exemplified by a strong presence and structures with the constitution of the State Executive Council,Zonal Executive Council,Local Government Area Executive Council,Ward and Polling Unit Executive Councils.
Daman hinted that he smelled a rat with the Daily Trust analysis aimed at giving the APC and APDA edge over other political parties in the country in general and Plateau State in particular as against the ADP which is working day and night to be known and supported by all.The ADP chairman expressed the displeasure of the ADP over the Daily Trust report that ascribed the efforts of the ADP to the APDA in Plateau and Edo States in particular and the country as a whole.On the issue of the resurgence of kidnapping,ritual killings and Boko Haram in the country,Daman blamed the APC governments for lack of the political will to crush the menace through strategic thinking, planning,and execution saying an ADP government will silence crimes and agitations through good governance,inclusiveness,and meritocracy and not nepotism.



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