OPINION: If Everyone Becomes A Politician, Then Who Holds The Politician Accountable?

By Yusuf Goje

Even though politics and governance seems to be an inseparable twin; a lot will change if we understand the difference.

Politics is about the interest of personalities and struggle for power; while governance is about fighting poverty and bringing development to the people.

Sadly, rather than talk about the 2021 budget implementation which directly affects the quality of our lives, many are busy fighting each other over personalities aspiring for 2023 elections.

This is what you get when politics is monitized or driven by primordial sentiments – becoming a means to cheap relevance and access to easy money.

What we see more are unsubstantiated allegation, counter-allegations, insults and the likes; and fewer of constructive ( backed by facts and figures) debates and criticism on government policy and budget implementation performance with pragmatic alternatives offered.

During elections many of us are vocal and are quick to mobilize support groups in favor of our preferred candidates or party; but afterwards, we only become armchair critics, rather than mobilize and engage around policies or service delivery that affects us.

When it is time for elections do your partisan politics, but when it is time for governance learn to effectively hold the government accountable.

Until we elevate the quality of our engagement with those in government, no meaningful development can take place regardless of who is or the party in power.

INVOLVE like-minds
INSIST until you get what you want.



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