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You Lied, You Are The Architecture, Your Speech Have Vindicated Us-Bassa Reply EYM 

The Bassa Community Youth Organization (BCYO),‎ has described the statement credited to Egbira Youth Movement (EYM), as a ‘charade’ fabulous and fabricated lies. BCYO noted that the statement by EYM is a display of lack of truth, arguing that Bassas are peace loving people. 

According to the statement issued recently in Lafia, the Nasarawa state capital. BCYO maintained that Egburas were the cause of the troubles and killings currently going-on in Toto Local Government Area of the state. It added that the government is giving the Egbiras free movement but restricting the Bassas from moving freely in their own land. Wandering why a government that should protect every citizen have rather subjected its self in giving prefrence to ‎one tribe instead of giving equal rights?
BCYO also describe the statement as a vindication of its stand, pointing out that the EYM have exposed it self for stating that they are in agreement with government not to allow the Bassas to move freely in their land. Asking whether Bassas have been subjected as slaves that can no longer move freely?
‎Read the statement: “Our attention have been drawn to a display of ineptitude, outright show of lack of depth  and ignorance laden piece in the name of a Press statement  by the Egbura Youth Movement purportedly made on the 17/5/18.
“Ignoring this piece would have been the most ideal thing to do safe for certain striking revelations contained therein which we intend to reiterate for emphasis sake.
“To that extent, we have perhaps taken the wise counsel imbedded in the saying ” Don’t throw the baby with the bath water”, the emptiness and grossly incoherent statements nonetheless.
“As a starting point, it would be recalled that on the 25/4/18, we addressed the Press on certain misinformation about the crisis in Toto LGA as reported by the Nation online, one Yahaya Toto was interviewed as one of the vigilante members who witnessed how the whole crisis started, we debunked that account as been misleading aimed at creating mischief, the events of the Press Statement of the Egbura Youth movement have vindicated us the more.
“As God would have it, Yahaya Toto  the leader of the vigilante group is today the spokesman of Egbura Youth movement. The same vigilante group that we have been complaining of mounting road blocks, killing our people on daily basis.
“We are calling on the government especially the government of Nasawara, the police and all relevant security agencies to immediately bring to book Yahaya Toto and his gang of vigilante militia who today are transformed into Egbura Youth movement and just like Yahaya Toto was the spokesman of the vigilante has also retained his position as its spokesman.
“What is worrisome is that Yahaya Toto is already  singing a song of National war, we  cannot allow elements like this to continue to breed unnecesary war, it must be stopped forthwith. Security agencies should swiftly move and address this without further prompting.
“The much weather made by the military on the arrest of one Pa Angulu Idaku(Ndazhaga Daku) and the further  echoes by the Egburas in their various social media platforms and the continue mention of it even in the press statement despite his release is a clear pointer of mischief.God has yet again vindicated us the Bassa people.
“Pa Angulu Idaku(strange name) is a Bassa man and his actual name is Pa Ndazhaga Daku. It is true he was arrested allegedly as a spiritual leader  presumably of the Bassa people. Pa Ndazhaga Daku was detained at the DSS office in Lafia, he was released having been found not culpable of any offense. These are verifiable facts. He was only framed up by the military aided Egbura militia to give the impression of the Bassa people having certain militia group somewhere. This has yet again vindicated the Bassa people on our cry for perceived bias on the side of the military.
“Some of the excerpts from the press statement of the Egbura Youth movement has the following: “we also agreed with the government that… no Bassa should move freely… and we must abide by these rules”. This is most unfortunate and sad. The questions elicited by these excerpts  are not farfetched in view of the  events now been unfolded. 
“We  shall resist the temptation to believe that the government is aware of an agreement that is meant to restrict the Bassa people from moving freely.
“Nevertheless, this is an affirmation of our position that the Bassa people have been restrained from moving freely unlike the Egburas. This is most unfortunate and we condemn it.
“The Bassa people are no slaves, we are free born and demand equal rights. The Egburas and the Bassas must be given equal rights, none should be preferred over the other by the government, there should be balanced assessment of the situation.
“We are yet again calling on the Governor of Nasawara state to address this issue without further delay. The Governor should immediately visit the troubled areas for an on the spot assessment of the situation. The Governor should immediately like his Kogi State counterpart did initiate peace meetings between the parties for amicable resolution.
“It must be noted in clear terms that the Bassa people are for peace and would continue to strive towards lasting peace. We are not going to relent regardless of the lack of attention to our plight by relevant bodies, we shall continue to cry until we are heard. We are calling on the Egburas to embrace peace rather than the call for National War. 
“We shall however not condole any conduct inimical to peace; that is sacrosanct.
“We are calling on our members and indeed the Bassa Nation to continue to pray for peace, our Muslim brethren, may your prayers in this Holy Month and beyond receive speedy answers. Peace remain our watchword.”
However, the Bassa community is calling on both the state and federal government to prevail in the situation


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