Abuja Group Disclaims Ize-Iyamu Purported Palliative



Covid-19: Pastor Ize-Iyamu donates to Edo community in Abuja

Our attention has been drawn to a piece of news making the rounds in social media to the effect that a purported frontline politician in Edo State has provided palliative support to the community of Edo Sons and Daughters residing in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, through the Association of Edo State Indigenes in Abuja (AESIA) as part of his effort to cushion the effect of COVID-19 and its restrictions on the people.

  1. This is an official response cum disclaimer against the misleading release that is capable of maligning the integrity of the Association of Edo State Indigene Abuja, AESIA. the Executive Council members and the thousands of our members in the Association.
  2. That though the write up had no source accompanying it, but after weighing the gravity of the spurious content, and after making some contacts, the Association has come to respond to it, in order to put the records straight.
  3. The Association is also fully aware that the same text has gone viral, despite it did not carry the name of the writer, no mention was made of what exactly was offered to the respected group, no mention of the name of the AESIA official such item (s) was given, neither date nor location the above was made were mentioned.

4.The Association of Edo State Indigene Abuja would not have bothered doing this disclaimer but the misconception and misleading information and the damage the message is capable of causing the Association, the Executive Council members and indeed the unassuming members of the group .

  1. As a well respected group, AESIA and the Executive Council members wishes to dissociate herself from the media hype given and also the misleading political coloration given to the gesture. As of the time this report was put together, the purported gift has not been seen. Hence, the rationale behind the media hype and publicity remains a major concern than imagined. This has also caused some apprehension, as the text conveying the information concerning the “offer” has gone viral in the public domain. AESIA therefore condemns this in its highest terms, as the group and its Executive members under the President, Odiase Osagie are people who have been duly tested and approved for integrity
  2. As a group, we totally discountenance receipt of any palliative such palliative to the tine of N200,000.00 within the last 3 days till date.
  3. The group also refute the politicized coloration given the offer, linking and dragging AESIA into such.
  4. As a strong legal entity, we are very much aware and sensitive to the impact of covid-19 pandemic globally which has caused so much setback to the World’s economy, particularly as it concerns bringing untold and attendant hardship to people all over Nations of the World, including the less privileged indigenes from Edo State residing in the Federal Capital Territory and its environs.
  5. As a nonpartisan sociocultural umbrella Association that covers and promotes the interest of thousands of members of Edo State indigenes from over 120 affiliate Associations, we are most sensitive about not inclining to political activities that will place the group in a tight situation, while at the same time promote policies and programmes that will get true dividends of governance to our people at home and in the diaspora.
  6. The pandemic world over does not discriminate along any known lines or divides in attacking people of all race and of all affiliations in all Nations of the World hence AESIA’s desire is also to welcome any individual or organization who desires to support our people in this most terrific season in our lives as humans. Such offers will be most appreciated if it is given without an intent to promote self or personal interest or those of any group. The most unacceptable is to make such offers on the basis of any political platform or affiliation.
  7. In the previous palliatives donated to AESIA, including their distributions to the less privileged, the only factor worthy of consideration to qualify for such gift is that you are first from Edo State, and that second you belong to a known affiliate association in FCT. AESIA has neither implied nor ask and shall never ask any persons his political affiliations, nor anything outside of the two (State of origin and affiliation to any association) above before reaching out to show love to such persons.
  8. As a matter of fact, AESIA does not allow political considerations get on the way of our decisions and judgements, no matter who is involved. We so invite all good lovers of our dear state to join us to so make this work.
  9. Therefore, the busy body and misleading media hype and political connotation that conveyed the gift from our brother and son of Edo is totally disproportionate and unacceptable.
  10. As a well structured group. AESIA gives equal opportunities and platforms to all willing sons and daughters of Edo State, irrespective of ethnicity and any other bigotry to reach out to our good people, with no emphasis or attention to any political sentiments.
  11. As a group and in this instant matter, neither the AESIA Covid-19 ad-hoc committee nor the Executive Council under the transparent leadership of the President has neither received nor seen the purported N200,000.00 palliative offer. The said amount had barely been reported or received that the mischievous text conveying the offer had gone viral, already in circulation. Please let this stop!

16.As an Association, we have received cash or items in the past, yet there were no similar media hyping, even after the donated items had been amicably distributed to the actual less privileged persons. Should anything different from the latter is been expected by any donor in the first place, AESIA would do the media razzmatazz and runnings, if necessary..

17 Our Association by this disclaimer hereby state categorically that we welcome any form of support from any good spirited members of the society, including sons and daughters of Edo State, provided it has no political connotation and self promotion. Where the Association senses or sees political reasons etc or promotion of self in such gesture, we wish to state clearly that AESIA shall reject such offer, and will not be a partner to such politically motivated gesture.

  1. Also, the group wishes to add that the association holds the right to co-determine involvement of media and to know the extent of publicity, when any of our great sons and daughters wish to do a gesture to our people in AESIA.

As my parting shut, Edo State and our people must always be our focus in all we do. We must be better. Challenges will always come, but the manner of approach to it defines us as individuals and as a people.

I wish to thank every person who have made inputs to this matter.

As a people, our maturity and wisdom is what plays out in all of us when challenges come and it gets resolved as if they never came.

With God, your support, understanding and prayers for AESIA, our people and our State can only be stronger and better by the day.

The siege occasioned by covid-19 (our common enemy) shall be over soon

God bless our good people
God bless AESIA
God bless Edo State
God bless our Country and all our leaders.

Again, thank you.

Odiase Osagie

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