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Akwa-Ibom: Residents Mocks Akpabio, Says Buhari Campaign Flag off ‘Total Flop’

The national flag-off of the APC Campaigns in Akwa Ibom begun on a wrong note as the much touted mass defections of PDP stalwarts ended up as a mirage, Akwa-Ibom government has said.

It mocked Senator Godswill Akpabio, Obong Nsima Ekere and other APC leaders who had boasted days before the campaign in Uyo that Friday would witness a ‘tsunami’ as five serving commissioners,  10 local government chairmen, 100 personal aides of the governor and 50 councilors will blaze the trail in the movement to the APC, but it never happened.

It quoted Akpabio: “As I said before, nobody will be left with Udom Emmanuel before the end of the year, and the government house will be empty,” Akpabio boasted few days ago.

The government said however, there was no sign of such development as the campaign in the Nest of Champions saw a large crowd of people who left abruptly before the arrival of the president.

Although it was not clear why the stadium was nearly empty when the President mounted the rostrum, it was obvious that the people were not impressed that only a vice chairman and a councilor who had since lost his seat in Etim Ekpo legislative council where announced as the new conquered forces of the APC.

President Muhammadu Buhari compounded issues when he failed to mention a single project he either executed or hopes to execute in the state.

Addressing thousands of party supporters and many more who monitored the APC campaign flag off in Uyo, President Buhari failed to acknowledge his neglect of Akwa Ibom, and also failed to commit himself to any development in the state.

“When we came in there was insecurity in Nigeria and 17 local governments were under the control of Boko Haram, now no local government is being controlled by Boko Haram again,” he said, promising to continue to fight corruption and poverty.



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