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ATM FRAUD: How I was Duped

…fraudster who claimed to be a police officer nabbed in a hotel with a lady.

This story has gone viral online….

My mum was duped of 500k last night. She went to the Atm, tried to put her pin, it wasnt working. She saw a young man standing behind her, and turned to him to complain or vent basically. Feigning concern, he asked to assist her try again. Being so trusting herself, she gave him the card. He put it, and told her the Atm card was stuck, and that she needed to go inside the bank and tell them. She went to the security man, since the bank was already closed and did just that. By the time she came out, the man already left. Oh, he told her he was a policeman.

The fraudster who claimed he was a policeman

Fast forward to 12 midnight, she got her first transfer alert 300k. Then 100k..until there was only 30k left in the account. She got dressed, then drove to town with my dad, and made a police report. But they couldn’t do much, since they were not sure the Atm terminal he made the transfer from.

At about 1am, he made another transfer. But this time through a POS machine. Eastgate Hotel. Less than 15 minutes walk from my house. He paid for the room, and ordered food as well. We called back the police men, told them of our findings and they met us at the hotel in less than 30 minutes.

They got into the hotel, checked the person who lodged in at the time the POS sent the alert. The print-out they had corresponded with my mum’s Atm card number. That was how we apprehended him with the girl he made the transfer of the first 300k to. She allegedly was meeting him for the first time yesterday, but they’ve been friends on Facebook for a while. We also recovered some Atm cards, which included my mum’s card , and the printout he used for the transactions.

The lady found with him in the hotel room

Anyway, they are both cooling their heels in the holding cell and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

I must commend the squad for their timely intervention. After today, my perception of the Nigeria police is a bit different..

Times are strange. Be aware!



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