Highlights from the INEC chairman’s briefing of 1st, April, 2021:

1. Monday, 28th June, 2021 would commenced the CVR (CONTINOUS VOTERS REGISTRATION) nation wide and the following set of people should be encouraged to take part in the process;

A. Non registered citizens who are now 18 and above

B. Any Registered Voter who has issues with accreditation during the last exercise

C. Any Registered voter who wants to transfer his PVC to another location

D. Any registered voter whose PVC is damaged

E. Any registered voters who wants to correct their names wrongly spelt.

2.That CVR exercise will close at the 3rd Quarter of next year 2022.

3.That Anambra State will close temporarily in August, 2021 to plan for thier forthcoming Gubernatorial election later this year.

4. Within now till Monday 28th June,2021 the following will be carried out;

a. Expansion of Polling units process 11th May, 2021
B. Building and testing online Registration 15th May, 2021
C. Arrival of the New IVER machines 31st May, 2021
D. Recruitment and enrollment of staff for the CVR exercise 14th June, 2021.

Please let’s sensitize our people to come out during the commencement.

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