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In any developing and sane country, a leader is held responsible for corruption and underdevelopment. But in Nigeria, the case is far different. As the looters were celebrated and defended by their inept supporters and wailers. While the one that is bringing the needed infrastructural developments and fighting corruption and insecurity is been abused by the wailers, ranters and those that didn’t see anything good in President Muhammad Buhari led administration.


After the swearing in, of the President Muhammad Buhari, he swung to action to make sure, the security challenges in north east, were curtailed to the barest minimum. He embarked on journey to our neighboring countries like, Chad, Niger, Cameroon and Togo in order to help Nigeria to tame the security threat of Boko Haram in north east region and Nigeria at large.

With Allah’s will and mercy, the Boko Haram attacked was reduced to the barest minimum. Because, mostly conventional war, were not won one night, it takes time to finish it or tamed it in totality.

Besides, any reasonable and right thinking person, can attest to the fact, that President Muhammad Buhari has achieve a lot in dealing with Boko Haram and chasing them away from the 14 LGA that were under their control, before he came onboard. The atmosphere of the north east has changed, farmers has returns to their farmland, businesses that were closed are opened and are flourishing day by day, some people who are in IDP camp were returned to their towns and villages, even those that left Damaturu, Maiduguri, Potiskum and other towns to different states have relocated back to their homes.

Life is a continuous struggle, you fall and rise again. And in everything you are doing, don’t expect everything to come as easy as you want it to be. There are some challenges that one may encounter in life, if you encounter any hitches don’t resort to blame game, rather look into Allah (SWT) for help. Even in Islam, ones faith cannot be complete, if he didn’t believe in destiny, whether good or bad.


Since the coming of democracy, from 1999 to date, their is no single President that fought corruption from any angle than President Muhammad Buhari. He make sure that he blocked all the loopholes that MDA are using to siphon our common wealth, through the implementation of BVN, TSA and blockage of budget padding by our Senators and Legislators.

It is under the able leadership of President Muhammad Buhari, that EFCC has recovered #750 billion in one year which is unprecedent in the history of Nigeria.

Furthermore, the EFCC are still pursuing high profile cases in court and are still tracking and monitoring all former and present government officials that has anything to answer with the graft agency.

The fighting of corruption by President Muhammad Buhari led administration has take Nigeria to its rightful place in the international community. As we witness it on different occasions, where our President is celebrated and giving accolades for his political will to tame corruption.


The administration of President Muhammad Buhari, has done a lot in agricultural sector, through the anchor borrowers program, initiated by CBN and providing fertilizer at subsidies rates. It was reported last week that about 7 rice mills where shut down in Thailand, because here in Nigeria, we can feed our country without importing a single ton of rice from any country. In the last 3 years, we are importing 254,000 metric tons of rice, but it drastically reduced to 20,000 metric tons. This is the change we voted for and is the reason why Buhari Volunteers Movement (BVM) are massively mobilizing and campaigning for PMB ahead of 2019 general election.

In conclusion, Buhari Volunteers Movement (BVM), are calling people to stop ridiculing the President and stop the politicising the issue of Dapchi School Girls. President Muhammad Buhari, is a human being, and can make mistakes, at times. So, we should support him, encourage him and call his attention where necessary, but in a respectable and manner way, please. Let’s not castigate the man that give himself to serve us better, for the sake of love of us and this country at large. We feel and share the pain of their abduction. The Buhari Volunteers Movement (BVM), has even declares 3 days fasting and prayers for the release of the abducted Dapchi school girls. And by the grace of Almighty God BVM will soon organize a Qur’anic recitation in Damaturu for the release of the Dapchi school girls.




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