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This summer, predators have not taken a vacation! #LukaBinniyat

Dear friends,

On the occasion of the International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearance on 30 August 2017, Reporters Without Borders reveals that an increasing number of states are arresting, sequestering and removing “embarrassing” journalists.

Dawiit Isaak in Eritrea, Jean Bigirimana in Burundi, Akram Raslan in Syria, Guy-André Kieffer in Côte d’Ivoire …. These journalists have in common suddenly disappeared, leaving their relatives in an endless anguish. All have been victims of enforced disappearances.

Support for families, legal assistance, diplomatic pressure, it is thanks to you that Reporters Without Borders is actively fighting against this multifaceted crime,Perpetrated in full discretion and impunity by more and more regimes, although it has been recognized since 2002 as a crime against humanity.

In this autumn, continue to support us to break the truth and not let these victims fall into oblivion!

Thank you for your dedication and dedication to our side,

Reporters Without Borders

PS Team Remember that all donations made before December 31st allow you to tax 66% of your donation on your 2017 tax return. To make a donation click here:https://donate.rsf.org



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