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Yuletide; Muslim women donate Christmas Gift to Kaduna C.A.N with the aims of strengthening Inter-faith activities.

By Ibrahima Yakubu

As part of effort in promoting peace , harmony ,love ,togetherness and inter-religious tolerance in this season of yuletide, some  Muslim women has donated a Christmas Gift To Kaduna state Christian association of Nigeria C.A.N ,so as to promote peace building between Christians and Muslims  in the state

According to the Muslims  women ,the aims of their Visit to the Christian Association of Nigeria is to donate Christmas  gift to the body of the whole Nigerian Christian body”C.A.N” ,as a way to strengthening inter-religious tolerance and better understanding among different  faith-base  organization in Nigeria

Hajiya Maryam Abubakar who is a peace Ambassador  in Nigeria told journalist shortly after the presentation of their Gift that” we are from one family under-God  because Adams and Eve were our original Biological parents, and we as Muslim  believe in Bible, as well as love Jesus Christ more than Christians

Maryam said, Christmas season is a period  of joy and happiness to every Christian all over the world, and we as Muslims decided to donate some Christmas Trees  and father Christmas Caps To C.A.N leaders in the state , so as to promote Good relationship with our neighbours ,  in view of the fact that Christians are our good friends and neighbor,

Maryam said “ this is not the First time she is donating Christmas Gift to churches in Kaduna with the aims of boosting religious tolerance and promoting peace building:”

Hajiya further stated that, “last Two years  I fed about 500 Christian inmates in the spirit of Christmas and New Year celebration in kaduna prison.

“We fed them in the spirit of togetherness and to join them in celebrating birth of our noble Jesus Christ.

“I want them to have a good taste of food with beef different from what they are offered inside the prison.

She appealed to Muslims and Christians to learn to live in peace.

Hajiya Ramatu Tijjani is also another  peace activist from Northern Nigeria who said “Christian are our best friends, and we choose coming to C.A.N to donate these Items this time, because we believed that C.A.N is the Mother of all Nigerian Christian organization,

Ramatu further pointed out clearly that ,this is not the first time of coming to C.A.N in other  to celebrate and rejoiced with Christian Youth C.A.N kaduna  because for many occasion she has been coming with her team to join Christian in Breaking Lent together with Muslims,to poster peace and unity

The activist says,”we came today to say happy Christmas to all our brothers and sisters Christian all over the world,  and happy new year in advance, and we want to maintain this kind of peaceful co-existence between Christian and Muslims in the state, in other to team-up Together to end all forms of ethno-religious and political crisis bedeviling peace stability in the northern state of Nigeria.

Ramatu ,advised the Federal Government to create institutes of comparative studies which, according to her, can proffer solutions to ethno-religious crises in the country.

According to her, such an institute will also help ethnic groups to better understand themselves, promote religious tolerance and how they can live with one another in peace,

Responding on behalf of C.A.N Kaduna Reverend Doctor Sunday Ibrahim, who is the secretary of the organization said ,we are really grateful  seeing Muslims women coming to the secretariat to donate  Christmas Gift

Reverend Sunday said, this is really impressive and these are some of the ways To Boost religious tolerance and better understanding between Muslims and Christian

Sunday concluded by saying we must joined hands together in tackling  religious extremist and promote forgiveness, peace and unity among all the people of Nigeria



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