20 Kidnapped in 24 hours on Kaduna Highway


On Wednesday, 7th of June 2017, over 20 people, men and women were kidnapped in broad daylight around 1:00pm between Sabon Akilibu and Tsohon Akilibu village along Kaduna – Abuja express way.

A close associate of some  of the victims, Danjuma Bello Serki, in a post on Facebook writes “amongst them are my friend and brother Kazah Bulus (Kazzy), my Comrades El-hajj Idrees Goga, Simon Terna and Al-Amin.”

According to one of the victims, a commercial driver, who miraculously escaped, the Kidnappers who were armed with sophisticated weapons had a field day on the road stopping vehicles indiscriminately, until they gathered over twenty people before they walked them into the nearby bush like a flock of sheep without any resistance from security agents.”

 “Up to now no news about them yet. This incident is one too many. More than 40 people in a span of two weeks. The Kidnappers are becoming emboldened day by day. I believe they must have increased their rate of settlement to those that are supposed to protect us.

“It is so sad and scary the way the Abuja-Kaduna road which is the major gate way to Abuja from the North West states of Nigeria have become a den of Kidnappers. Nigerians plying that road have become so helpless and at the mercy of God.

“Please let’s put them, Kaduna State and Nigeria in prayers for God to help us put an end to this avoidable menace.” He concluded.

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