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Finsbury Park attack: Suspect’s family speak

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“We are massively in shock. It’s unbelievable,” say the family of Darren Osborne, who was arrested after the terror attack on a mosque in London. “It still hasn’t really sunk in.” The 47-year-old father-of-four, who is known to have lived in Cardiff, was held on suspicion of attempted murder and terror offences after a van hit Muslims in Finsbury Park.

One man died, but it’s not clear whether this was because of the attack. Eleven people were injured.


Speaking at a vigil on Monday night, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick said it had been “quite clearly an attack on Muslims” and more armed police would be on duty, “particularly around religious establishments”.


“Online followers of the so-called Islamic State have been quick to seize on the Finsbury Park attack as proof of what they see as widespread hostility towards Muslims who live in the West,” says BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner. “Inevitably, it will be used by recruiters and propagandists to incite further attacks – extremism breeds extremism.”


Here’s what we know so far about the attack.




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