Governor Ganduje Spearheads Mutual Accountability In PHC System Investment

Gov. Ganduje
 - As he blessed PHC Investment Summit 2021

Committed to quality primary health care delivery system in his state, governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje assured his full pledge determination to, as a matter of genuine state policy, continue to support all aspects of primary health care system, with the view to improving healthy population.

Butteressing this noble objective of his administration, he referred back to the 2019 Summit, which he said “To demonstrate our commitment to Primary Health Care Under One Roof, following the first ever Summit in 2019, the state government was able to fulfil most of its obligations during the Summit.

And in some instances surpassing the promises earlier made.”

He renewed his administration’s commitment during the Primary Health Care Investment Summit 2021, held at Coronation Hall, Government House, Kano, Tuesday, themed ‘Strengthening Primary Health Care Towards Attainment of Universal Health Coverage Through Full Implementation of Minimum Service Package.”

To further enhance government clear understanding and proper commitment to primary health delivery system, from the onset, in his administration, he explained “…government is fully committed to implement similar policies, especially by our decision to vigorously implement the minimum service package alongside the Task Shifting and Task Sharing Policy.”

For mutual accountability purposes, he advised that, there was a need to set up a committee that would make follow-up to ensure that.

The further exemplified his commitment in that direction, he reveals that “The state government has set up a committee under the leadership of the Chairman Governing Board of the State Primary Health Care Management Board, the Madakin Gaya and District Head of Ajingi, and representatives from the office of the Secretary to State Government, Ministry of Health, Ministry for Local Governments.

Others are representatives from the five Emirates in the state. With the Secretariat at the State Primary Health Care Management Board.”

Disclosing that, the committee would be updating the government and the people of Kano state on regular basis, on the achievements and success recorded.

With all the elements in place, he maintains that, “In order for us to achieve the desired goals, we must collaborate with development partners, government organisations and community. So all all hands must be on deck to also address the long term systematic health care system for the full implementation of the minimum service package.”

The philosophy behind the Investment Summit according to the governor would create and strengthen synergy that is critical for the overall improvement in the health of Kano people.

That, “It brings together people from different walks of life to synergise and mobilize resources from stakeholders, from government, philanthropists, traditional and religious leaders and members of the community,” he mentioned.

He encourages that, “Primary Health Care fully acknowledges that our evolving health care primary system is making steady progress compared to other primary health care elsewhere.”

Governor Ganduje emphasized that, all stakeholders must remain resolute and continue to work together to get the quality, equitable and reliable health services for the state.

As he vows that, “We are resolute to continue driving people-oriented policies, and programmes for the betterment of the people of Kano state.”

For all to understand and get a glimpse of his commitment, governor Ganduje assured that, “To ensure PHC Investment Plan sees the light of the day, the state government is committed to invest resources to improve PHC infrastructure, such as health facility upgrade, procuring and distributing best PHC equipments and employment of additional personnel.”

The Summit was well attended by different stakeholders, ranging from primary health care experts, development partners, government agencies, committed individuals and others.

Abba Anwar
Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Kano State
Tuesday, 27th July, 2021

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