I get death threats from IPOB daily, says Chidi Odinkalu

Chidi Odinkalu

Rights activist and lawyer, Professor Chidi Odinkalu, has said that he receives death threats from the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), daily.

Odinkalu also noted that those calling for violence in Igboland were safe and secured abroad.

The activist said it would be considered persecution if it were another authority that called for closure of markets.

However, he said, because IPOB was ordering the closures, it’s hypocritically considered as liberation struggle.

Odinkalu made the statements via Twitter posts, drawing attention to IPOB’s doublespeak of calling for the killing of a people it promised to liberate.

He tweeted: “I receive death threats every day from IPOB to stop talking about the killings. If an Awolowo or a Buhari were to order the closure of markets in #Igboland or that there will be no elections, it will be called persecution.

“When #IPOB does the same, some #e_diats (sic) will come here and tell you its liberation. This is how #IPOB justifies its campaign of extermination of the #Igbos it promises to liberate.

“The irony of it all? The person providing this discursive poison is based in Israel not in #Nigeria. He is safe over there but wants all the people in South-East liquidated.

“For those still persuaded by the vacuous nonsense from the so-called #IPOB department of state, this is reality in Anambra State:

“#IPoB is forcing communities to take down campaign billboards and enforcing its message of denying Anambra the #RightToVote by extreme violence,” Chidi Odinkalu lamented.

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