Insecurity…The spate of killings across the State is unacceptable!

Nasir el-Rufai

The Kaduna State Chapter of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, has described the wanton maiming and killings of our people as unacceptable.

From the mountains of Kaura to the quiet forest of Sanga, towards the thick forest of Birnin Gwari, Giwa,Igabi, Kajuru, Zangon Kataf Local Governments and now Kukum Daji,Kagoro, Kaura and Kauru Local Governments again, gunmen/bandits have been maiming,raping, kidnapping and killing innocent people unabated.

Food insecurity is a major threat to our society. Farmers can no longer go to their farms as criminal gangs attack them and also due to high cost of fertilizer and farming implements.

Governor Nasir Elrufai is not doing enough to curb the killings of our people,aside lip service on Media platfoms.

Kaduna State and indeed, most parts of the country, is at crossroads with no hope insight.

The party equally condemned the Governor, for his clandestine rendezvous with the terrorists, years back,where he claimed to have paid them to stop the killings, because no serious Government negotiates with terrorists!

It is obvious that they used the money he payed them to acquire more sophisticated weapons to continue with the attacks, unabated.

Our soldiers are overwhelmed and are being killed due to obsolete and inadequate arms and ammunition.

No wonder, this has resulted in the loss of interest and broken morale by 356 soldiers to the extent of resigning their commission.

The world over, primary responsibility of any serious Government is securing the lives and property of its citizens. The APC leadership has failed in this task!.

“How can a government that prides itself as that which protects lives and property and “fights corruption” allowed miscreants take over the whole country without any serious resistance”? “This is absurd and unheard of”!.

We wish to call on the governor and the security agencies for a change in their tactics and for a paradigm shift from the norm, because their strategy is not yielding any serious results.

It is disheartening to note that most of these attacks are avoidable, due to intelligence reports before it happens;the killers sometimes send notice of their impending attacks before they even strike.

The people are disenchanted and frustrated with the security situation of the State and the entire country and the government has no empathy.

Finally, the PDP leadership call on governor Elrufai and the APC to wake up from his slumber and face the security challenges with the same vigour and rudeness he has exhibited,thus far, in his abitrary taxing of our citizens and demolishment of their buildings or resign now and allow a more liberal,humane and serious minded person,with the capacity, take the lead of protecting the lives and property of our peoples.

Abraham Alberah Catoh,
State Publicity Secretary,

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