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Nigerians risk losing billions as flutter waves refuse payment to 86fb investors

Many Nigerians are at the risk of losing billions of Naira to flutterwaves, a financial company which is known for receiving and paying vendors online.

The financial services company in Nigeria has thousands of customers across the country and swayed them with the endless possibilities for every business concept.

The company which sells online, prices payment, build financial tools designed to grow one’s business have left many Nigerians heartbroken with possible failure of the company’s agreement with investors

It’s an uproar and outright cry by Nigerians as the unified payment and 86fb have traded words of blame and counter blame over payment.

An investor who have life savings with flutterwaves and prefers to be anonymous worried that the two financial-based online companies should explain or come out with the true situation of things.

“Investors want the truth to be out and payment processes be resumed so that investors can get their money.” The Investor said

Confused as they are, either 86fb or flutterwaves are having billions of naira belonging to Nigerians as they don’t know which of them received the returned money claimed by flutterwaves

“All investors are asking is for flutterwaves to mention the merchant’s names and let the merchant process investors’ money because there are several pending withdrawals which have been caused by the interruption of Flutterwaves.” The investor added

The confusion began when 86fb in a statement directed their investors to reach out to flutterwaves who have frozen their accounts for payment.

But in a contrary and counter statement flutterwaves stated that they suspend the 86fb account with them.

another contradicted statement by flutterwaves said they returned instructed the merchants processing money for 86fb to stop and the money was returned to the merchants.

This is where the whole issue hangs up that today monies belonging to Nigerian investors are not being paid.

In Lagos and Abuja, our correspondent investigated was a raising tension with investors storming the offices of flutterwaves and 86fb but no officials are on their seats to give them reliable information as they were said to have been absconded.

“All we are saying is let them come back to continue paying money to any investor who has their money with them. ” The investor complained

They are calling on the federal government, Nigerians to help them get their money in time.



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