One Year After N.Y. Truck Attack, Online Extremist Content Remains Powerful Radicalizing Tool

(New York, NY) – One year after Sayfullo Saipov allegedly ran down and killed eight people with a rental truck on a lower Manhattan bicycle path, radicalizing extremist content sadly remains easily accessible on the Internet and social media platforms, Counter Extremism Project (CEP) Executive Director David Ibsen said today:

“Sayfullo Saipov admitted he was inspired by ISIS and he found that inspiration online. When Saipov was captured, authorities found 90 ISIS propaganda videos on his cell phone, including a video in which a prisoner is run over by a vehicle, as well as 3,800 images, many ISIS-related. CEP continues to document the prevalence of online radicalizing content and the tech companies’ inability to seriously and permanently address it. The New York truck attack and others around the world reveal the tragic consequences of this dangerous material online.”

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