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Danjuma’s Fire And The Traitors in Aso Rock

By George Makeri 

The Traitors in power have contracted a phoney personality by the name Prince Raymond Enero to create a phantom group Middle Belt Conscience Guard to threaten and blackmail Lieutenant General T. Y. Danjuma over his recent speech of ‘defend yourselves or you will all die’. Already, we heard that critics like myself are topping the agenda for the next military operation when their herdsmen are enjoying government support and their bokoharam boys are becoming multi-millionaires with much liberty and celebrations. How can scoundrels like this so-called grasshopper Prince Raymond Enero be president of a Middlebelt group? ‘Zancen banza kai’. Where is Enero in the Middlebelt struggle? What has he ever done or said, prior to this ‘shirme’ of a press release, for the Middlebelt.

The traitor Enero says to hold Danjuma responsible for any escalation of crisis in the Middlebelt and wants Danjuma to retract his statement. ‘Ka ji yan iskan yara fa?’ So who should be held responsible for the ongoing massacres by Buhari-backed Fulani herdsmen? The Traitor Enero went on to blackmail Danjuma with Zaki Biam and Odi – insisting that today’s Danbazau ‘bokoharamised’ army is more professional than the army where Danjuma was minister of Defense and supervised Zaki Biam and Odi. The cheap traitor showed he was running errands for herdsmen when he accused Danjuma of having his ethnic cleansing plans in Taraba against fulanis truncated. Isn’t this Prince Raymond Enero a Fulani man? Nothing is impossible with the Buhari government – mama bokoharam is Igbo they said. This is how far these sons of Satan intend to go to sell false narratives, demonise, threaten and blackmail staunch patriots like Lieutenant General T. Y. Danjuma.

For the records, the key personality of the counter coup (otherwise known as Operation Aure or northern counter coup) of July 1966, Lieutenant General Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma has paid his dues for the north and for the country. As a Major in the army, Danjuma captured General Aguiyi Ironsi and Fajuyi in Ibadan and handed over these captives to then Lieutenant Abdullahi Shelleng before mobilising to Lagos, to give then Sub Colonel Murtala Ramat Mohammed back up in taking over the Lagos international airport now known as The Murtala Mohammed International Airport. During the civil war, Danjuma was in the forefront and very instrumental in defeating the Ojukwu forces to keep the country one. He formed part of the government that punished the 1976 coupists (Col. Suka Bukar Dimka, General Bissala and a vast chunk of the Plateau mafia in the then military), as well as deranking General Yakubu Gowon while Gowon was in exile in Kampala Uganda. Though not a politician, Danjuma was given his place and space by successive governments (both civilians and military) in this country, since 1966 until recently.

It is only after the arrival of Buhari and his foreign Fulani forces into the shores of this country, to undermine its sovereignty and massacre its citizens senselessly that strongmen like T. Y. Danjuma had their place and space threatened.

For those in the know, unlike George Makeri who takes everything to social media, Danjuma seldom speak about anything in the public. This is partly because, unlike George Makeri, Danjuma has direct and exclusive access to the hearts of successive governments in this country. For Danjuma to go public about the complicity of federal forces in the endless and nationwide herdsmen massacres which has engulfed the country ever since these traitors in Aso Rock took over power; for Danjuma to encourage a nationwide uprising against these forces of darkness with the statement, ‘you will all die if you don’t defend yourselves,’ it is clear Danjuma didn’t have the ears of the presidency and that call was the only card left for him on the table.

History has shown that Danjuma is an action man not given to idle talks – to ignore the statements of this General is at one’s peril. The Kwararafa empire was not an idle empire – the believe in God, King and Death are central to their worldview. Danjuma knew he could only die once, so he spoke the blunt and hard truth to the traitors in power and unsuspecting Nigerians who are all marked for death by the demons in Aso Rock. It is therefore not an ordinary thing for it shows how depraved Buhari and his co-conspirators are against the citizens of this country. When Bill Gates opined that the economic policy of Buhari does not reflect the need of Nigerians, observers might conclude it was a mistake. The truth however is, the economic policy of Buhari doesn’t reflect human needs because of the sinister ongoing ethnic cleansing as revealed by Danjuma. Why should they have economic plans for people they have marked for death? What Bill Gate didn’t say was, what economic plans they have. The revelation by Sgt. David Bako on Dapchi kidnap and Buhari loyalists in the army, the messages of Bishop Kukah to Buhari when he took over in 2015, urging Buhari not to turn federal institutions into personal properties for personal vendetta, are sufficient vindication for General Danjuma. In fact, Danjuma would have been a traitor if he had not said what he said. With Buhari violating the constitution and undermining national security he took an oath to uphold, makes Buhari a traitor. And any body who choose not to criticize Buhari for these abuse of office, that person is a traitor too. Patriotic Nigerians must show courage and salvage their nation, like General Danjuma called out, from the jaws of these Traitors in Aso Rock…

To be continued


George Makeri




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