COVID-19 A Few Tips To Keep Your Business Going

The number of reported Coronavirus cases has drastically increased all around the world. There have been disruptions to everyday life, with many governments imposing restrictions on movement and social activities. In Nigeria, in response to the rising number of cases, the Federal Government of Nigeria has directed the FCT Abuja, Lagos State and Ogun State to go on lockdown.

As a business owner, you are likely concerned about how this situation and keen to implement measures that can help minimize negative impact on your business.

To ensure your business does not lose value during these trying times, here are some tips that can help:

Keep your customers informed
It is very critical to ensure your customers receive timely and accurate information about how your operations are being affected by the situation. You can send emails or text messages, put regular updates on your social media pages, have information on your website etc. Ensure you don’t leave your customers in the dark. 
Empower your employees to work remotely
several businesses have had to significantly scale down or even halt their operations, with most of their employees working remotely from home. Consider doing so for your business, too. Apart from regular emails and phone calls, you can utilize collaboration tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams etc to stay connected. Importantly, remember to keep your staff informed of all changes.
Catch up on pending tasks
this “stay at home” period is the perfect time to catch up on some pending tasks you may not have had a chance to. Review your books, do your taxes, learn a new skill, finish that book… make the most of this period to get something extra done.
Keep up with all your banking transactions
with our electronic banking channels, you can conveniently carry out transactions from the comfort of your home at any time
• FCMBOnline (Business Version)
• FCMB New Mobile
• FCMB Cards
Explore new channels of getting new customers
clearly, relying on just one channel is not the best. You can easily use this time at home to map out explore other ways to attract new customers. For instance, if you run a service business, you should consider registering for free on FCMB Business Zone to reach potential customers. Click here to get started.

As your financial partner, we remain committed to doing all we can to support you through this challenging period. Please visit for useful information on how to protect yourself and your loved ones at this time.

Thank you for choosing FCMB.

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