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High Chief Dokpesi and the Race For The National Chairmanship of the PDP

As the contest for who becomes the next National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in the scheduled Elective National Convention of the party comes up, we wish to state once again that High Chief Raymond Dokpesi, the founder of DAAR Communication, owner of Raypower FM, AIT and FAAJI FM has indicated interest to run for this amiable office.

2. We believe that all the aspirants that have also indicated interest so far are all eminently qualified based on their credentials, pedigree, contributions and their services to our great party, the PDP.

3. However, we wish to differ a little bit from the cacophony of voices from the campaign organization of our opponents that are using derogatory words and unfounded allegations against our principal, with the aim of promoting their principal.

4. We recognize that the contest is a family election and believe also that as a family, we must project the strength and opportunities of our principals instead of relying on our weaknesses and using such against one another.

5. In order to set the records straight, we wish to use this opportunity once again to point out the following misconceptions so as to clear any doubts in the minds of our teeming supporters, Elders, leaders and members, especially the delegates nationwide.


It is no longer news that High Chief Raymond Dokpesi and other committed members of our great party, PDP, conceptualized and worked very hard against all the odds of the APC for the formation of Advanced Peoples Democratic Alliance (APDA).

APDA was created after several consultations with concerned members of the party as an All Purpose Vehicle to provide alternative platform for our party after the obvious interference by the ruling APC in the protracted leadership crisis of the party.

Hope we have not forgotten how the Senator Ali Modu Sheriff faction of the party decided to truncate the chances of our party in Edo, Ondo, Lagos and other bye elections that were held within the period of the crisis. The activities of Senator Sheriff no doubt led to our loss in those states and our party men and women have not also forgotten the role he played, especially by presenting parallel candidates in those states and all the lingering court cases.

It was on this premise that High Chief Raymond Dokpesi out of his concern and patriotic service to the country and to the PDP and in consultation and endorsement of all the relevant Organs of the party, created the APDA as an option B.

APDA as option B was to serve as an alternative platform for our party members to use for election in order to avoid the Sheriff and APC modus operandi to win elections through the backdoor.

We wonder how such strategic moves and patriotic services could be used against our principal, High Chief Dokpesi, when he should have been commended for taking such initiative to save our party from impending doom.


We are all aware that since the loss of our party in the 2015 General Elections, the APC led government have been using the anti-graft agencies to harass, intimidate and blackmail known opposition figures in the country in order to silence them.

The current case instituted in court by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, against our principal, High Chief Dokpesi, is one of those harassments and intimidations by the leadership of the APC to weaken our principal and all other members of our party that are currently in several courts on the so called “corruption” cases.

It is important for us to note at this juncture that as a business man and a loyal party member, High Chief Dokpesi before the herald of the forth Republic and up till date has committed himself in service to democracy and fought tirelessly with all his available resources against military oppression for the birth of democracy in 1999.

Before the 2015 General Elections, High Chief Dokpesi as a business man also carried out legitimate businesses and earned every kobo as a business man. It is therefore very amusing and worrisome when some of our members working for opponents in the race for the office of National Chairman of the party use such glaring act of intimidation by the ruling government against our principal.

We must desist from this line of narratives so as not to continue to give the ruling party more effrontery to continue to label our leaders, looters and corrupt in order to destroy their political career.

We must therefore allow the court determine all the allegations leveled against our principal, as he is innocent until proven otherwise by a court of competent jurisdiction. Without gainsay, we all know that the accusers can never prove their allegations successfully as this is pure act of intimidation and harassment the ruling party is known for.

6. In view of the above, we again declare that High Chief Raymond Anthony Aleogho Dokpesi is eminently qualified and eligible to contest for the office of the National Chairman of our great party in the forthcoming Elective National Convention. We believe he should be given an opportunity to bring his wealth of experience, strategy and reform to bear in the PDP. Difficult and tough times require difficult and tough decisions. Our party at this time needs the services of High Chief Dokpesi to lead us to victory in 2019.

7. Finally, we wish to discourage our members, leaders and stakeholders from the North and Southern regions of the country from micro zoning the office of the President, National Chairman and that of the National Publicity Secretary. Micro zoning these offices will reduce capacity and competence. We believe that our victory in 2019 will largely depend on who becomes our National Chairman, National Publicity Secretary and the Presidential Candidate.

God bless the PDP! God bless Nigeria!!


Social Media Team for Dokpesi 4 PDP Chairman.



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