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A PROPHET AND HIS PEOPLE 2 – By Lambert Oparah

This morning a friend of mine and an aide to Governor Samuel Ortom sent me a video clip of His Excellency addressing the Igbo Community in Benue State.

In the video (now gone viral)Governor Ortom wondered why inspite of the national and international acceptance of Peter Obi’s candidature as the most qualified Presidential Candidate under the present dispensation, that some of his people are still not convinced about him.

Ortom in the video queries

” what do you people want. You complain about marginalisation, Your own is been accepted North, East, West and South, yet some of you are still saying you don’t want him”.

Governor Ortom concluded that those Igbos who are cynical about Obi’s candidature should BE ‘OUTCASTS ‘ Governor Ortom said he was ready to forfeit his Senatorial ambition for Peter Obi to be President

Well , those Igbos may not really be OUTCASTS.
On 22nd September 2022, I wrote a piece here titled A PROPHET AND HIS PEOPLE. In that piece I recalled the birth of Jesus Christ and how His people received the news.

In that piece I sort of replied Governor Ortom ahead by reminding him that it’s Biblical that

‘a prophet is never without respect except in his home and amongst his people ‘

But the good thing is that the disrespect to the prophet does not take away the potency of his Prophesies but rather incures wrat to the unbeliever .

Peter Obi’s emergence has given the Harolds, the Kings, the learned, the governors, the clergymen , the wise men from the East especially in his zone some sleepless nights.

“Who is this small boy ,ordinary trader , from Nnewi, the son of nobody to be President “.

Take note that the richest Nigerians, South East are from Obi’s home. So to them it is an affront of a kind, for this” boy “to be the one we will be worshiping to clear our goods ”

These Igbos like the Jews in the Bible do not believe anything good could come out from Nnewi

However, they fail to reckon with past prophesies and so became blind and cannot see what Nigerians and the world is witnessing as a new dawn in the man, Obi.

SO Governor Ortom should not worry about some of Obi’s people and their cynical behaviour. I bet you ,they will be the first to go for ‘Thanksgiving. when all said and done.

After all it’s not the first time a President will emerge without the support of his people.

What is written is written! Odera!



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