Wednesday, February 1, 2023


….. Amb. Ibrahim Bala-Aboki
National Chairman

The Association of Peace Initiators of Nigeria (APIN) with motto:NIGERIA FIRST. has risen from her emergency meeting held on the 15th of September, 2017 in Kaduna State to condemn in its entirety the unfortunate uproar which has engulfed the Abia State and environs in recent time owing to premeditated plans by members of the IPOB to thwart an age long established peace in the state and cause mayhem.

APIN condemns this uncivilised approach deployed by IPOB to table their concerns and calls for restraints on members of IPOB to desist from causing breakdown of laws and order by involving their members in road and open procession of her activities , blocking major roads and for them stop hoisting of the Biafran flag in Nigeria as this builds up a state of anarchy.

APIN has noticed reckless use of social media by Nigerians to fuel this ugly trend. It has become obvious that Nigerian cyber space is now awash with instances of fake news and hate speeches. As a country , this does not mean well for us. Therefore we call on Nigerians to stop spreading and sending this wicked news , especially news messeges from Nigerians living overseas and the unfortunate gullible ones at home.
Staled news, old horrible images and newspaper pages with terrible messages are being circulated by the agents of the devil to cause violence. We are calling on Nigerians to put a stop to this .

We also call on Nigerians to shun all kind of voilence and thuggery and as well commend the indefatigable call to service actions of the Nigerian security men , who have mastered very proactive measures to suppress the challenges of insecurity in Nigeria. We say thank you to the Nigerians security. With the emerging case of the IPOB agitations, which has placed the entire southeast on a red alert , we appeal to you to sustain your techniques. We are aware of your prompt response in salvaging the minor threat of skirmishes that was attempted in Jos by hoodlums. You saved the situation.

Equally, we are calling on government to set up a special peace forum , where agitations that rest on ethnic platform can be discussed. APIN resolved that government should support all security agencies to enable them perform above expectations . We call on Traditional Rulers , most especially the ones residing in the Southeastern part of Nigeria to call on their subjects to reasoning and for them to cooperate with state governments to entrench peace , unity and progress in Nigeria.

We condemn all evil rumours of war and advised all Nigerian youth to be smart and avoid being used. The attempts by some persons to make Nigeria ungovernable , is gradually being exposed. We hereby resound it oncemore ,


NIGERIA FIRST.means Nigeria before every other Thing.

that Nigerians
should love one another.



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