The Governor’s Diary: AA Refreshing Kwara To The Next Level

Gov. Abdulrasaq Abdulrahman, governor of Kwara state

By Tunde Fadipe

We are a people of rich history and cultural background, H.E Abdulrasaq Abdulrahman will not allow that to slip away without showcasing the rich potentials of our culture to the outside world! The Ilorin Durban will surely be institutionalised and well packaged as from next year to become one of the best cultural events in Nigeria. This great administrative gesture is not going to be limited to Ilorin Durban alone, every other great cultural events and cultural show will be harnessed for tourism and economy boost.

Kwarans are hospitable and receptive people, the governor has displayed that by providing necessary facilities to make the intending Corps (NYSC) members that will be coming to Kwara State to enjoy their stay. Bed and beds materials has been supplied as well as other facilities. Also, efforts are being made to ensure effective feeding at the camp.

The governor has never relented in his pursuit to pride good roads for Kwarans and make every nook and crannies of our cities to be accessible. Kwarans in diaspora must have seen a difference between the the past and presence with the smooth ride to and from the Eid Praying Ground. The governor instructed and personally ensured the department in charge of this deliver after being mobilised.

The staff of the higher institutions in Kwara State, especially the Colleges of Education are full of praises to the governor. They are better than last year because nearly all of them could not afford to buy Rams last year. All the state owned higher institutions in the state are now better funded and general staff welfare has tremendously improved. Since education is the key to the future, Gov. Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq is not joking with the education of the Kwara-Child. Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels of education has received the same level of concern. The stability in the education sector is being felt all round. No institution in Kwara State today is aggrieved and they are running smoothly.

Last week the governor was at the head office of National Primary Health Care Development Agency to canvass support and technical assistance in Kwara’s primary health care sector. The governor is determined to provide reliable health care facilities and policies that will support the entire populace. Kwara’s reportedly accounted for the 50 per cent of new polio cases in Nigeria is a sign that all hasn’t been well in the past!

Financial Engineering is needed in Kwara State, it’s so important to cushion the effect of yesterday’s financial mismanagement. People feeding unnecessarily on the state must have gone with the past administration for good. The governor said he’s ready to partner with the EFCC to recover the mismanaged and the embezzled funds. The 2 billion Naira SME fund is a can of worm. EFCC is definitely on it!

The stolen Kwara Amusement Park seems to have been returned. It’s good that the governor is committed to giving our kids the beautiful type of life that they deserve. From now on, our kids will have a place to mingle and relax to enjoy holidays and no more hanging around at the corridor of Shoprite. It was a shame that those kids were punished unjustly by denying such a pleasure for over a decade.

The governor has gotten the approval from the legislature to appoint assistants for himself, we pray to God that those that will be appointed will share the same vision with the governor. Political administration is like a game of soccer, when the team wins, it is called teamwork but when they loss, the coach receives the blame.

We are more refreshed and hoping to port finally to the next level. Ise ti ya ni Kwara!

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